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Melody K. Smith

Melody holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Business. She worked in healthcare for over thirteen years, and is now providing corporate communication services to a large organization, in addition to wrangling TaxoDiary and ICD Tagger content for your reading pleasure. In her “spare time” she writes fiction, rescues dogs, and throws legendary dinner parties.


Barbara Gilles

Barbara is a taxonomist, editor, and technical writer. She has been working as an editing professional since 1980, most recently with Access Innovations since 1998. Barbara is a member of the Special Libraries Association (SLA). In her spare time, she plays cello and tries to play guitar and bagpipes.


Andrea Hayden

Andrea Hayden holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Allied Language Arts, with a background in secondary education. In addition to editing and writing for ICDTagger, Andrea is a regular contributor and editor for other Augmentext blogs including Beyond Search and Gourmet De Ville. Andrea specializes in online training resources and social media engineering.


Jasmine Ashton

Jasmine Ashton holds a Bachelors degree in political science and English writing, with a background in cause marketing and communications. In addition to writing for ICDTagger, Jasmine is also a regular contributor to other Augmentext blogs including: Strategic Social Networking, HighGain, Gourmet De Ville, and Beyond Search.


Laura Abrahamsen
Laura Abrahamsen has a B. A. from Dartmouth College and a Ph.D. in Classical Languages from Bryn Mawr College.   When not writing about the medical information industry, you can find her happily immersed in 19th century technology teaching fiber arts like spinning, knitting and felting at River Colors Studio in Lakewood, Ohio.  You can follow her thoughts about the fiber world and other observations on Twitter @LauraAbrahamsen.


Michael Cole 

Michael Cole is a freelance writer and resume editor with a strong career background in relationship management, recruiting, and sales.  He holds a BA in Philosophy with a specialization in the study of comparative ethics.  When he is not editing or contributing to ArnoldIT and Augmentext projects, Michael enjoys writing short science fiction pieces and sharpening his skills as an amateur culinary artist.


Megan Feil

Megan Feil holds a B.A. degree in English and Secondary education. With a background in communications and teaching, including three years of experience as an English teacher, her recent professional experience extends into marketing and management in the fields of both arts and business. Currently, she works in events and marketing as the Louisville Community Manager for Yelp.com. She also contributes writing for ArnoldIT and Augmentext projects such as Beyond Search and Gourmet De Ville.


Whitney Grace

Whitney Grace has a Masters degree in Library and Information Sciences.  Her expertise lies in finding information, keyword tagging, annotation, cleaning up messes, and writing.  She is also a graphic novel and animation enthusiast.  While not working on content with intent, she studies storytelling.  She also freelances for Comic Buyers Guide and AnimatedViews.com.


Cynthia Murrell

Cynthia Murrell is a freelance writer and copy editor who prides herself on her organization, professionalism, and attention to detail. With a BFA in Theatre and a background ranging from education to information technology work, she has significant experience to draw on. While she enjoys writing original pieces, she prefers to pick apart the works of others.