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ICD Tagger (www.icdtagger.com), by its nature, is informal and designed to keep pace with specific news events in the world on cutting edge products, vendors, treatments, and technology in the field of health information. The editorial team will highlight trends and feature high-profile news about electronic health information services.

The idea driving the service is to gather and highlight important and often hard-to-find news about electronic health information for easy reference and distribution. Categories on the site include medical records, fraud, technology, and operations.

Errors are likely to surface either in the sources to which the writers link in the articles or in the views expressed by editorial and feature writers. New information and initiatives happen rapidly, and standards are evolving weekly. We reserve the right to modify mistakes in order to make the ICD Tagger content as accurate and clear as possible. We plan to keep an open mind and change opinions as we learn. This blog is a team effort.  The team is several information professionals contributing information daily.